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In the world of Mads Norgaard - Copenhagen we are deeply in love with fashion and the changing of the times - and at the same time we also think that the western world is moving too fast at times.

So- in order to slow things down a little, we are also in love with things that do not change, as long as they are fashionable. Thus, we take base in a core of fashionable classics and build our collections around that core; for women, men, and kids.

Our design aim to make girls more sexy and the guys more tough - always from a modernistic point of view. 

Finally, I believe that fashion is meant to support you and free you, not overrule or control you.
What you wear should support you in the ways and beliefs. That's how I see it.

Mads Nørgaard, designer

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or contact Helena; hha@madsnorgaard.dk, or Jan Everard; info@wiganthology.com

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rings, scarf's and …

BY HAND made products like real stone rings set in brass as well as big embroidered silk scarves and block printed cotton scarves/beach towels. Made with respect for original workmanship. Real value for money. Irregularities are part of all the ‘BY HAND’ products.

Suggested retail prices: € 25 & € 29